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Title: Timber [Acoustic Version]
Artist: Pitbull (Feat. Ke$ha)
Played: 8199 times

I was finally able to update my unreleased Ke$ha library, with all the new songs recently released along with new artwork made by me. 150+ songs!

  • "Alien" has my all-time favorite unreleased songs. [DOWNLOAD]
  • "Carnivore" has all the really goofy/funny songs. [DOWNLOAD]
  • "Demos" has all the songs that are difficult to listen to because they’re so unfinished, but it’s interesting to hear the beginning stages of these songs nonetheless. [DOWNLOAD]
  • "First Love" has all the softer, emotional love songs. [DOWNLOAD]
  • "Unleashed" is split into 3 discs comprised of various unreleased dance songs from Kesha. [DISC 1] [DISC 2] [DISC 3]
  • "Will $ing 4 Beer" has all of the acousticy/rock inspired songs. [DOWNLOAD]
  • I’ve also included a download for songs that Ke$ha is featured in, the Japanese bonus tracks from Animal as well as a few other goodies. [DOWNLOAD]